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Asking the questions...

...because voters deserve answers.

Over 100 candidates running for elected office in
San Mateo County received our 
questionnaire. Their answers are published below!

ProChoice San Mateo County

1. Do you identify as Pro-Choice?*​ [Yes/No]
2. Will you vote for and endorse California Proposition 1, Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment? [Yes/No]
3. What actions have you taken to support the Pro-Choice movement?
[  ] Personal Donations to CA Prop 1, Pro-Choice Candidates and/or Organizations
[  ] Host Fundraisers for Pro-Choice Candidates and/or Organizations
[  ] Support Pro-Choice Candidates and Oppose Anti-Choice Candidates
[  ] Advocacy (rally, sign petitions, call legislators)
[  ] Apply for the Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Endorsement
4. If elected, what actions would you take to ensure that all people have access to reproductive education and health services, including the ability to terminate a pregnancy and use contraceptives? [250 words or less]

*Pro-choice is defined as:

  • Believe people have the right to access a full range of reproductive health care services, including access to safe and legal abortion services. 

  • Oppose laws that ban abortion or restrict access to abortion.

Candidate Responses


If you don't see a response from your candidate...  send them an email and tag them in a social media post!

I'm a #prochoice voter in your district. 

You did not response to the #prochoicesmc candidate questionnaire. I'm asking you to take a position on CA Prop 1 and reproductive rights on the record. 

You received an email from, it's not too late to respond. Please do not stay silent, voters deserve answers! 

Our Mission
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